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Vets Now Referrals, Swindon

We are based in our small animal and exotics hospital in Swindon and offer a friendly and personal service to make your appointment as relaxed for you and your pet as possible. Our combined approach to client care allows us to draw on expertise within the team and throughout Vets Now Referrals, to give your pet the best care available.

Our team of world-class Specialists and referral vets offer a renowned referral service across several areas of veterinary medicine, including:

  • MillieMillie

    Millie was referred to Vets Now Referrals, Swindon in January with lameness in the front right leg. She had been lame on and off since September 2013. She underwent x rays and CT scans but these proved inconclusive. Finally an arthroscopy discovered a fractured coronoid process- and a diagnosis of elbow dysplasia was made.