Welcome to Vets Now Referrals, Glasgow

Vets Now Referrals, Glasgow

Open 24 hours, we are a friendly state-of-the-art small animal hospital centrally located in Glasgow. As well as having all the equipment and technology that you would expect of a first-class veterinary hospital, we also strive to make our environment as relaxed and serene as possible to put you and your pet at ease.

Our team of world-class Specialists and referral vets offer a renowned referral service across several areas of veterinary medicine, including:

Our combined approach to client care allows us to draw on expertise within the team and throughout Vets Now Referrals, to give your pet the best care available.

Meet some of the pets we’ve treated

  • Poppy

    Poppy was in the Vets Now Referrals Glasgow hospital for 2 weeks at new year. She was very ill with pancreatitis but thanks to Tobias and nurses for their excellent care and attention Poppy is back home getting stronger every day, getting back to her normal happy energetic and loving self.

  • Penny's Story

    Penny is a beautiful female black Labrador pup who first came to Vets Now Hospital as she was having problems keeping her food down. Labrador Retriever Rescue Scotland are currently looking after and funding Penny’s treatment through charitable donations.

  • Midas

    Midas 6 month old german shepherd on left was knocked down on New Year’s Day. Midas was taken to the Vets Now who looked after him for 4 days as he went through an operation to insert pins into his growth plate.

  • Molly

    I took Molly to Vets Now in Glasgow in late November with an unknown illness after 2 trips back to my local vet as Molly kept deteriorating and looked really ill. She was kept in the hospital and looked after by a fantastic team of vets and vet nurses for a full week. She’s been back home now for a couple of weeks and she is running around with her big sister Maisy getting up to all sorts of trouble.

  • Checkov

    Checkov is a six year old Somali Cat. He developed problems with his breathing and had to be rushed to Vets Now in Kilmarnock. He also had what appeared to be a cough and a foul odour was evident with the cough. At Kilmarnock he underwent various tests and the diagnosis was confirmed as pyothorax. He was later referred to Tobias Grave, the Emergency & Critical Care Specialist at Vets Now Referrals Glasgow.